A New Whirled Chaos

The consensus reality has become an insane projection of a holographic illusion at the edge of current vibrational morphology. In other words – we cannot believe what we are being told on any level of the current human game. Thus – we can believe whatever we wish to believe; at the risk of falsehood and having our current belief system fall apart when new information is revealed.

Doc is delving deep into topics that have eluded his attention for many years. The ability to choose the path less travelled and stay moving against the wind of public opinion has come full circle as doc is currently on a cusp of what is real. The Beatles said that nothing is real and there is nothing to get hung about. We each have to have a back-up system for when this reality washes away … interesting how the second whirled war had it’s basis in a single person’s system – Hitler’s Mein Kampf.

Everything you believe is true – it has to be, or else you would not believe it. Cognitive dissonance is holding two opposite beliefs at the same time. Consensus reality demands compartmentalization that allows different worlds in different spaces – you have the choice to keep these worlds distinct or to merge them. Sometimes, you default and the holographic determines your space for you.

The timeline for the space you are in operates on a 24 hour clock that is calibrated to correllate to consensus reality – everybody has 60 seconds in their minute and 24 hours in their day. But the lengths of minutes and days are relative to frequency and not absolute. So by changing your frequency, you can have more time to act within your time.

To have more time to act within your set amount of time is an advantage when playing in this whirled. In one episode of the Time Tunnel, Doug and Tony came back at 10x the rate of the people on earth – who were frozen statues as the boys moved around. That did not work and they had to go back into the time tunnel and cange the illusion by force. The Hopi still walk in Mesa Verde; I could feel their presence when i was there and the force was with them.

You resonate at a frequency determined by your state of mind. If you believe something to be true and I do not accept it to be true, conventional reality asks us to argue about the point and bring each other into a hybridized reality that is a compromise of the situation. The ratio of compromise can be anywhere from all your way to all my weigh, to something muddled in the middle. This prevents advance, because we really never really need to be on the same reality page. In fact, enlightened thinking doesn’t want conventional assistance. ‘Great spirits have always encountered violent opposition from mediocre minds.‘ AE

So, we currently accept the Einstein POV on space time – three spacial dimentions known as height, depth and breadth, plus time, running linearly forward. Doc has left acceptance of this model, since Einstein said that ‘Imagination is more important than knowledge’ – right before he made up space/time and quantum physics. So, FROM Albert Einstein’s IMAGINATION, we have current consensus reality.

So let’s change the model. Let’s set Stephenson’s Anathem‘s mathic universe into Asimov’s Foundation trilogy, then sprinkle it with Calumbach’s Ecotopia local flavor. Let’s work on Sale’s Human Scale with Tellinger’s Ubuntu Contibutionism model as a goal. Our focus can be to reverse Suzuki’s Tipping Point by learning the lessons of Lomborg’s Skeptical Environmentalist, while applying both old and new technologies, like Schauberger flow-forms, Rife water pumps, Pollack’s 4th phase of water and bio-char to create free energy – in more weighs than one.

Thyme to be ornery – time to set ONRRI as the base foundation for the creation of the next phase. These videos were produced together – the first gives solutions to the problems identified in the second. You choose the order, I have a paper to write that combines the essence of change with a dash of knew knowledge that we seem to have forgotten.

Namaste’ … doc

ONRRI – outdoor natural resources research institute – currently looking for a few good people to change the world (M. Mead)

Note references to M. Talbot and R. Sheldrake in the opening paragraph. This article should provide any and all apprentices of the ‘Knew Weigh’ with a good winter reading list.


A Better Weigh

Wow – been a while since space and time met an internet access point. The consensus reality is changing as we speak. There seem to be multiple time lines in play and the departing timeline is straining to capture as many souls as it can before the elevation changes. The frequency domain is where the action is. Small points of light add to each other to create higher luminal intensity.

I am working on the positive formation of a new foundation. The change of basis of what is has to occur in the minds of a few before it can occur in the minds of the many. The issues of global pollution is a given, yet we call it global warming and allow the perpetrators to continue to pollute. Let’s call it by Dire Straits name – Industrial Disease.

The issue of sovereignty has come up, in context of the human rights violations by multi-national corporations and academic elite in rigging the system to fix global warming by their methods. I am looking at mitigation and adaptation strategies to justify spraying chemtrails and wondering – how do we raise the frequency of vibration to fix the problems rather than generating more money?

I am sovereign, having founded the Universal Sovereigns of a Living Earth – a church dedicated to Gaia preservation. It was one of the first constructs of the system that became Existence – the operating game that I currently function through. I am a hermit – the recent Get Fuzzy comic line of Buckyvania actually makes sense.

The new weign is Ubuntu contributionism. However, to step aside and actually do Ubuntu requires exceptions to the laws of the land. While the law of gravity may be impermeable, the rest of the laws of physics and mankind serve as limits to our ability to take a different approach to current challenges. To go from money everything to no money is such a polar opposite connection, that it causes cognitive dissonance.

The current world runs on the angst of cognitive dissonance. If they can get us to be stubborn in our weighs and criticize without measure, then we have the wool pulled over our eyes. We believe in a photoshopped reality, create by the mass angst of today and the lack of a better method of approach. Economics of all sorts is a failure – the system is coming down really really soon.

If you don’t agree – check out Butler Shaffer here. It seems to me that detaching from the common consensus will increase our ability to approach some significant problems that we all currently face, without the baggage of keeping the mirage of this particular holographic illusion continuing. We have better things to do than worry about anything beyond Kirkpatrick Sale’s Human Scale. We have passed David Suzuki’s Tipping Point and confirmed Bjorn Lomborg’s Skeptical Environmentalist.

So let’s change from Orwell’s 1984 groupthink into a test of our current reality, by questioning Physics and Biology and Mathematics and Chemistry along with testing the Social Sciences, Economics, History and Literature to remove embedded falsehoods of the current corrupt system, without asking for anything from that system. It is compost, just food for thought and not worthy of the time it takes to pay attention to.

Namaste’ … doc

Making Movies – Know-where?

Thyme to run a novel movie scenario featuring a self-similar cast of single characters. The story begins at the end, where all of the characters are connected in a social event that creates a disturbance in the force. The scene unfolds in a strange dimension where each of the characters say something that doesn’t resonate with how the watchers of the movie believe life to be.

Life is a cereal, just ask Mikey. Life is a serial, as good as General Hospital. Life is Asserial, let go of your connections to what is and allow yourself to be I AM. Life is strange, people are strange, Jim Morrison is a strange Door. The opposite of strange is charmed. When you step away from the common consensus reality – you leave strange and delve into charmed.

Our movie is charmed, in the weigh that snakes are charmed. The illusion of reality is that whatever we believe is what we get. The axiom of like likes like is effective here. If you want to be at one with nature, all you have to do is forfeit human nature and become hue-man. Elevate to radiate at several different resonances, all at the same thyme. I AM a fractal of myself.

You may notice that thyme and weigh are misspelled. This is deliberate, as i wish to centralize focus on the meaning of concepts that are used widely to mean something different than implied. Thyme is me, Doc, Lenny Thyme – an international celebrity and a legend in his own mind. The science of molecular chemistry is the domain played and space and time have vastly different meanings. < I have a fraternity brother GJ that we called space – so if I look him up we might have space and thyme together. >

Weigh used for way is to set a new direction. Science is based on measurement, but reality is a holographic illusion that works within a fixed morphology. We can make anything happen by the way we think – each thought fixes the next scenario. That is why the common illusion has become the cognitive reality – what most people think is what we get. If we remove ourselves from the we, we can walk outside the spheres of common space and time – but only if we believe we can.

Once you say something cannot be done, you are self-limiting. The realm of imagination is more important than the realm of knowledge, according to Uncle Albert. Einstein then proceeded to make up quantum mechanics and define space/time in such a weigh that we humans a century later are trapped in a myth that we have created and cannot believe, except that we have eliminated the belief in most other options. The standard, you cannot get there from here is in play.

So, imagine yourself as the director of your movie. You can take your phone and start filming today. However, you are the only character in your own movie. You can say anything, do anything. As director, there is a script to follow. The scribes are keepers of the script. To become a scribe, you have to keep a journal. To be a good scribe, you should write in your journal daily. To be a journalist, you should have 10 journals. To be a writer, you should have 100 journals. To be a novelist, you should have 1000 hours of time spent documenting stories of truth to become your later fiction. To be a master of the field, 10,000 hours of time with pen in hand or on a keyboard should be logged, documented and maybe even published.

The last paragraph shows you how fractals work in human scale life. I began blogging on the Google platform blogger in 2003 – I think that I can qualify myself as a master scribe – in the form of a modern Isaac Asimov, yet not near as prolific a writer. I can aspire to set a Foundation, but not in a novel or a book – in a life, with movie camera on.

So, as an onery (ONRRI) scientist, I no longer believe anything that is not true. The holograph works in my movie to crash the game when a rule is broken – I have developed my own set of rules to limit myself to only crashing the game when it is convenient for me to process statistical data and sit down to write. You might have noticed from the last post that the old game crashed this week. That is going to be tough on lemme – doc’s alter ego – because the last game of Existence was in lemme’s realm. The new game is going to explore science.

With that … we shall leave it here. I have a paper to write for a conference in May and I have a movie to film with a cast of characters that is non-human beings. As Existence is now set on a 37 acre campus in the middle of know-where? we have to set the action form that we can write the scripts and create virtual communities on film from scratch as individuals following the golden mean spiral. Or as Dorothy bridging the yellow brick road onto the land of Az.

I am the scarecrow … I am the walrus … koo koo kachoo.

Namaste’ … Doc

Mystery Meanderings

Internet access has returned. The adventure of the summer has faded into fall and the rain cleanses everything. Thyme to start building the ark.

Media is transcendent – there is no longer a common reality and everybody runs on their own timeline. My thyme line has been revealed – walking the walk has been the endeavor.

Press Release – ONRRI – 10/18/2016

Dr. Lenny Thyme (DLT) announces that Existence has crashed. A new game of Existence begins immediately. All scores of the old game of Existence are now valid in the new game of Existence and the metrix of measurement have changed for the new game. All functioning Existence Guilds from the prior game can accept a +1 tier change : Scribe Guild claims this tier bonus.

ONRRI announces the formation of four new guilds – Air, Earth, Water and Fire Guilds. Dr. Lenny Thyme will administrate all guilds on behalf of the scribe guild. Each guild will be allowed to create it’s own order within the guild at the next formal meeting of that guild.

ONRRI announces the appointment of the following ONRRI fellows  <not listed here> –  An ONRRI fellow retains status by spending hours engaged in campus community work – preferentially on-site, but with exceptions. If a fellow is not active for two consecutive quarters, ONRRI may choose to drop that fellow.

All on-site visitors may be appointed ONRRI fellows, Existence allows for ONRRI fellows to be grandfathered into future Existence games, to return at a later date as things develop. Everyone with a number on a page of Doc’s spellbook is an Existence player. The scores of the previous game will be added to the hour card values of the players: housed in the FTU – the faith/trust union.

The new Existence game will build in a Ubuntu component. Dr. Lenny Thyme appoints **** to the scribe guild as a ‘point source’ on a fast track to create a book that details the metrics and envisions out One Small Town : An Ubuntu Existence Game.

ONRRI announces a formal commitment to support Consciousness of Economics and the Urban Farm Project, which is assigned to Earth Guild. CoE’s success on-site includes four cold frames and four composts – two of them bio-dynamic using Steiner principles. In addition, there is a very happy apple tree.

ONRRI announces R-cubed as the operations platform for Campus Natural Resources Development. Appoints **** to lead the Fire Guild to forward this endeavor. ONRRI appoints **** to lead the Air Guild, **** to lead Water Guild, **** to lead Earth Guild. DLT remains leaded of the Scribe Guild.


If any of this makes sense … well, it will eventually. The walk of life leads down different pathweighs.  Namaste’ … doc


Much has happened. I was in a state of shock when the goats were killed by a mountain lion; and only now, a week later, am i catching wind in the sails. Thyme to get a grid game going – a one by one for one hour. Then a two by two for four hours and a three by three for 27 hours. Then we will evaluate where we are.

Namaste’ … doc


Rules – why?

Rules are created to provide structure for chaos as it turns its weigh to order. These rules are observations of barriers – places where the signs scream at you as you blow past. Sometimes, we reach the transition state, where the next stop places us beyond the current rules. In my mind, rules are made to be broken.

People tend to make rules for themselves, then apply them to everybody else, without even bothering to inform people that we are ‘ruling’ them. This becomes apparent in the default sheeple mindset, where rules were learned in schools and used to ‘level the playing field’. Sports involves working the rules of the game well, such that they change the rules to create ‘cheaters’, people who break the rules.

Interesting, how most video games are learned through cheat sheets, rather than by playing the game and learning the rules by experience. The rules of a game seem to be the lowest common borders of fair play. Often, what is not written into the rules is as important as the material covered.

I grew up playing Monopoly, the game of Atlantic City property purchase that leads in a strange way to presidential candidate Donald Trump. I usually was the banker, we had four regular players and we kept track of game wins on the back of the white one dollar bills. Standard rules are that when houses are used up, hotels cannot be built unless there are enough houses to make 4 per property before going to a hotel. A shrewd businessman might trade for Baltic and Mediterranean, to suck up the four houses apiece – to be sold off later to cash in on higher property value monopolies.

The standard rules also make no mention of purchase options. If I have two out of three of a color group, I might offer $25 to another player for their option on the third. I get to make the purchase, if they happen to land there. Options started as gentleman’s agreements – pink five dollar bills became the written contracts down the road.

Simplicity breeds complexity. When you narrow the rules of a game to restrict player options, then players become more creative at bending the rules. When a rule becomes blatantly unfair, well there you have government. Sometimes a new rule replaces the old rule and restores balance; more often, it widens the imbalance.

As a child, I played in a spontaneous neighborhood game called fumblitis, which was a great place for morphing rules. The game was a cross between football and rugby, where everybody tried to kick the football or pick it up and run. When the latter happened, everybody tackled the kid with the ball, who fumbled and the game continued. The object was to try to hold the ball without getting tackled, and everybody had to pick up the ball at some time. Rules changed when somebody kept the ball too much, they were prohibited from offense. The game was played by kids of both sexes and all ages, but by middle school there were better things to do.

Nowadays, the rules for social order are total chaos. As an Asberger’s laureate, I have no ‘common’ sense. I have to think about things to get them to work. If the hot water faucet is flowing cold water, I would figure that the water heater is off, not that the plumbing lines had been switched. My preference is to be a hermit, rather than deal with strange people, especially when it comes to rules.

I am not a sheep. I do not stand in line well and wait my turn because waiting is a total waste of my time. Especially, when I have something else to do. I do not shop, because other people tend to get into my personal space and it makes me very uncomfortable. In fact, when I am alone, I have the time to write essays on rules. I rarely obey the social strata rules, because I never learned them in the first place.

By doing and attuning to nature rather than to other people, I am learning to be more comfortable in my own skin. I can make rules for me, but the critters that amble into my outdoor lab don’t respect my rules, not even the other humans. I try to do the best I can with the cards that I’m dealt.

In science, the rules are called protocols. Following the protocols allows direct comparison of the results. It demonstrates that the same items measured the same way give the same results. We use quality control and quality assurance protocols to see that our equipment is maintained, works properly and gives results that are consistent and make sense. Then we attempt to explain results, just to make people laugh.

The protocols help establish limits. To change a protocol is to move beyond comparison with accepted results. A new revised protocol can be issued with method improvements; tried and true methods methods written to establish reproducibility between labs are necessary for proper analytical chemistry. We do the lab work with known standards to produce the desired physical results, before we experiment with real solutions.

That’s all for now. Namaste’ … doc

The Time is Now – Change Happens

These are the end of times; these are the start of times. The outdoors calls as the indoors ferments, while the stage of the whirled rocks from the foundations. The time to be clear with self is now – the decisions that we make today will put the constraints on our abilities in the future, if we allow it.

To base belief on the current presentation of reality is absurd. To listen to experts talk in their field of interest leads me to grok how out of touch modern existence really is to life. Sometimes, somebody speaks truth and it resonates through-out. Doc goes on the airwaves at times – to inform people about the reality of Doc’s truth. Which is now in question, as doc has been lied to by the same folks that lie to you.

Annie sang: Would I lie to you? Would I lie to you, Honey? Now would i say something that wasn’t true? Of course she would. Do you know about crop circles? I thought I did, but … Listen to this. My friend Carol and her guest Suzanne get into some interesting things – but most people choose Pokemon Go – go figure.

What we train ourselves to believe needs to be consistent with what we otherwise believe. By suspending belief in everything, we end up with nothing of context. So now, Doc believes everything. There is a grain of truth to every statement and logical consistency must be met with more logical consistency. So we turn to measurement.

To see what we see is to know, except that now that we know photoshop, how can we accept what we see at face value? The holographic reality allows our minds to create every logical situation (illogical ones too!), and as such, everything that happens in our vision sphere is acknowledge true fiction. And if it is truly Pulp Fiction, we eat it up as fast as it is printed because that’s what we are taught to do.

So, you are here on a time out at Thyme Howdt and I am telling you that what you think is real is absolutely real in your own reality, which is different than my reality until we choose to coincide. Then we can share experience in the same time frame, which we have created to encase our vision of this whirled in this reality. What about other thyme lines?

Namaste’ … doc

Note from lemme :  The reality of the illusion is that whatever we believe is true is true until we no longer believe it. To change reality, all we must do is to stop believing that what we think is true, is real. It will not be, such that we will have to construct something in the place of what we formerly believe. Get your imagination out, it is gonna be fun to let the ego go and surf the waves of light through a new image of what is real. SFF

The State of Water

Travel near, travel far

Little water molecule

Taking the phase of life

Become solid, liquid or gas

State your state of matter

In ephemeral states of mind…

Gas – water evaporated

Blowing in the wind

Coming together

Condensing as clouds

Manipulating climate change

By being in the aerosphere

Holding rainbow images

While recollecting thought…

Liquid – water droplets

As raindrops keep falling down

Hit the ground to splatter into

Puddles that soak the dirt

Or run downhill to the stream

Land sheds water into

Rivers, lakes and oceans,

People, plants and ice…

Solid – water holds people together

Single molecules tether within

Protein functional groups

Providing internal pathways

Which pass along food and fuel

Redirecting resource nutrients

Between intentional cell sets

Living their weighs of life

By manipulating cycles into

Bursts of valuable commodity

That brings internal community

To keep us feeling internally well

Quantum – water in a singlet space

Whereas triplet states occur

To mediate electron flow

Water directs the scenario

Conscious of local linkages

Coordinating complex networks

That keeps us all alive

Thank you, Great Spirit,

For the water of our lives

As the water, in our lives.

© 2007 lemme howdt